Looking for a way to grow your email list and increase your revenue. A giveaway could be just the tactic you’ve been looking for. Giveaways are amazing strategies for growing eCommerce businesses because. You don’t need a huge budget to run a successful giveaway. There’s no steep learning curve (like there is with mastering Facebook Ads, SEO, and other marketing channels). Setting up a giveaway takes no time at all!. The examples we’ll share in this post will show you how businesses have generated tens of thousands of subscribers, driven sales and grown their social following just from giveaways.

Building Opt in Lists

Want to know how to generate results like this for your business? Read on. What Are Viral Giveaways (And How Do They Work)? 2. How To Run A Successful Giveaway For Your Ecommerce Company Step 1: Decide On Your Goals Step. Find Awesome Prizes Step 3: Set Up  indirizzi email tedeschi  Your Giveaway Step 4: Promote Your Giveaway 3. Make Sales From Your Giveaway 4. Three Examples Of Successful Giveaways WHAT ARE VIRAL GIVEAWAYS (AND HOW DO THEY WORK). A viral giveaway is essentially a competition that encourages people to enter for a chance to win a prize, or selection of prizes

Who Are You Listening To

With the winner chosen at random from the pool of contestants. Now you might be wondering, “How exactly does that help my business. Often, businesses that run giveaways will ask entrants to share their details with the business or take an action to enter. This helps the business to grow its mailing lists or social following. For example: “Enter with your email address” or “Follow us on Instagram to win.” Here’s an example of a giveaway created using KingSumo: Screenshot showing information about a sweepstakes Now this is where the “viral” element comes in.

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