Respond best to offers for “clothes, live events, restaurants, and consumer goods.” 10am – 3pm is an email lull because most people are busy working or catching up buy email contact list on the latest news and gossip. During the 3pm – 5pm time slot, readers open emails connected to buy email contact list property and financial services more than any other. From 5pm – 10pm, emails with buy email contact list promotional sales and specials lead to more opens. The last time-sensitive point to think about when it comes to your audience buy email contact list is their timezone.

Building an Email List – A Vital

If you’re sending an email at the buy email contact list right time — but it’s in your timezone — it’s going to get buried under all the other emails being delivered according to your subscriber’s clock. Some email providers give you the option of sending your emails at a certain time in every buy email contact list timezone. Check to see if yours has this feature and start utilizing it right away. The key takeaway here: Consider your audience first. What does a typical day look like for them? What time(s) do they have a break in their action?

Aspect to Any Marketing Arsenal

Are they more likely to read emails before the sun comes up or as it’s going down? Is there a time where they are the least distracted? Use your research as a general guide to brainstorm a list of times that might work with your audience. With options in hand, you need to A/B test those times to find the sweet spot for your audience. I’ll dive into this more later on. Until then, you also need to figure out which day to send your emails. Good thing there’s even more data we can discuss about this next.

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