Anti-social proof happens when you’re adresse mail americaine displaying weak social proof – low numbers, empty comments forms, little engagement – which demonstrates that your site isn’t popular. Discourages people from sharing, liking, or signing up. Screenshot showing Sumo share buttons on a landing page. Nobody wants to sign up for an email list or hire a contractor from a website others are avoiding. So you can instantly increase your conversions by removing this anti-social proof. HOW TO CASH IN ON THIS HACK The most common type of anti-social proof is low social sharing numbers.

Why is it Best Practice to

To get rid of this, there are two things you should do: Remove Share from your homepage unless you have 500+ social shares. For social proof to work properly, it needs to boast impressive numbers (ie 500+ social shares or more). If your homepage doesn’t have at least adresse mail americaine buttons on your homepage all together. Open your Sumo dashboard, go into the Share app, click on the Display Rules tab, then click Add New Rule. Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard Add a Not Show rule for your Homepage: Screenshot showing the Sumo dashboard It’s as simple as that.

Test Out New Opt-Ins in Your Email List

Once you’ve added that one display rule you’re done! Set a share count minimum for your products and content. We take conversions seriously, so Sumo has social proof gatekeeping built right in. You can set a minimum amount of shares on your product and content pages before the share count is shown. Content and products are more forgiving than the homepage, so you can safely set your share count minimum to 50 or 100. Then, the Share buttons would display how many shares the content has garnered if it’s above at least that many shares. Log into your Sumo dashboard and open Share.

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