they’ll be more interested to hear what you have to say. So arts and crafts, outdoor/indoor hobbies and activities, and event messages work on Fridays and Saturdays. I numero telephone afrique du sud talk about how Michaels (a craft paint store) does a stellar job of this in this guide on email numero telephone afrique du sud marketing examples.  Screenshot showing a promotional email The data about Tuesdays doesn’t need quite as much explaining. Most of us are over the Monday madness and have settled into our weeks a bit by Tuesday, so we have

List Building  The

Yikes! These findings go against everything we’ve seen so far. If the Word stream team simply went by the graphs above. Their emails would never be opened and all of their messages would be lost in their subscriber’s email landfill. In this last and most recent study from Smart Insights, researchers analyzed the open rates for B2B and B2C emails.[*] They discovered that B2B emails sent to Entrepreneurs and Workaholics during the weekends had the highest open rates:

Money Is In The List

Graph showing email open rates for a certain demographic But B2B emails to normal 9-5 office workers floundered during the weekends as these cats typically go MIA to spend time with family when it comes to checking them. Weekdays performed best with this crowd, particularly those sent out on Thursday, Wednesday, or Tuesday (in that order). Graph showing email opens by day of week for a certain demographic B2C emails in this research, on the other hand, showed success when they were delivered

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