With 1.5 billion Gmail users worldwide, chances are a significant portion of your subscribers use Gmail. There’s been a lot of buzz lately around email deliverability and in particular the impact of engagement rates on the inbox, so this article will walk you through the process of cleaning up your email. broadcast list. I’m going to focus on those of you who regularly send out email campaigns but may have never/recently done a list cleanup. If Turkey Phone Number you’ve never sent a campaign, it’s been a while since your last message, or you need help cleaning up the list when you’re migrating ESPs, contact us and I’ll help you too.

Why Clean Your List?

To start, I’ll briefly go over the main reason you even want a clean and engaged email list. Why not just send to every email address on your list all the time to maximize volume? Gmail has a market share of around 60% of consumer inboxes and is unquestionably the biggest player in the industry. Combined with its resources, algorithms and promotional tabs. Gmail is unfortunately also one of the most difficult email providers to achieve good deliverability with. The main direction that Gmail has been moving in for some time now is to use user. Engagement as the yardstick for determining whether to deliver your marketing emails. Positive user engagement signals such as opening, clicking, starring/tagging as a priority. Whitelisting, and replying to your emails will help your deliverability,

Create Campaign Sending Levels

Email Database

Since Gmail weighs so heavily on engagement, it is recommended to establish an email campaign. Segmentation strategy specifically focused on engagement. In particular, we suggest the following framework to structure. Your email campaign targeting. optimize Gmail delivery rates Essence of Email Basically. You want to divide your full email list into a few tiers based. On how often they interact with your emails. Then send the most to those who engage the most, and conversely the least to those who engage. engage the least. This way, you’ll maximize the positive engagement signals you send to Gmail and, therefore, maximize your deliverability while maintaining consistent conversions and sales.

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