PRODUCT VERSUS HOW IT’S USED Of course, you have to show your product. But does it matter whether users see the product in action versus just on a track mobile number location in philippines white/black background? An experiment reveals the answer. What is more track mobile number location in philippines attractive: Seeing just the product? Picture showing a pair of shoes Or seeing it in action. Picture showing a man wearing a pair of shoes Test it! SEARCH PAGE A/B TESTING IDEAS The bulk of your experimentation efforts should happen on the pages that make you money. But you shouldn’t completely forget the pages and channels that bring traffic to your conversion pages and the pages handling the transaction.

Restriction level of trust 

One essential part of every shop is search. Search pages have only one purpose: to bring a user to another page. Hence, it’s smart to test different layouts, filter navigation, and recommendations. track mobile number location in philippines Recommendations in search pages can be tricky from a technical standpoint. But if manageable they can have an interesting impact on revenue. Users have a goal when they search, so from this point on it’s about whether you can help them find it. shows best-seller recommendations on top of its search results for “non-fiction books.”

Use the DNSSEC protocol

Screenshot showing products on an online book store IDEA #18: SHOW RECOMMENDATIONS WHILE USERS SEARCH Sometimes users aren’t sure how to formulate a search. Try helping them as they are entering their query. Providing product recommendations, suitable categories and even blog articles in the search field is something you should test. Here’s how Shopify store Harris Farm Markets does it to help visitors quickly find groceries they want to buy. Screenshot showing search results on an ecommerce store IDEA #19: MOSAIC VERSUS LIST VIEW

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