The Carrefour group is one of the best-known hypermarket chains in the world. It currently has more than 5,000 branches between Spain. And the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries and many more. If we count the rest of the countries in which it is present. But it is not only its hypermarkets that represent Carrefour, there is much more beyond them. One of the many alternatives that this French chain offers its users and consumers is an online marketplace. With which you can sell your products to hundreds of thousands of users who access the platform every day. It is an alternative quite similar to what we know from other marketplaces, such as Amazon or Mercado Libre. You simply upload your products to the marketplace and sell them through or the store in your country.

Now, there is a small difference between Carrefour. And other marketplaces. And it is that this ecommerce allows you to sell. In two different modalities. Online This is the mode that we all know and. That is commonly used with other platforms like the ones I have already mentioned. In it you publish your products and people make purchases directly from the marketplace website. Which in this case is Carrefour. The main advantage of this model is that it does not charge any type of commission , neither for signing up nor for monthly maintenance. Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address Nor does it have a permanence commitment.

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You can stop selling on the marketplace Qatar phone number at any time if you wish. But with Carrefour to sell online: The Carrefour marketplace has (per year). More than 80 million visits About 35 million users. UNIQUE! 319 million unique page views Without a doubt, these are spectacular statistics for any ecommerce (extracted over 13 years of operation) And this if you count the annual number of sales that the website achieves. Leaving it is a very bad idea. Multichannel The multichannel modality is quite interesting for a simple reason, and that is that it allows you to sell directly in Carrefour hypermarkets . ➡ Not only will they find your product online, they will also find it offline. Of course, for this modality there are more requirements .

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Not only do they have a much more rigorous system when it comes to approving vendors, but you also have to have a large enough stock to be able to cover one or another physical Carrefour headquarters. On the other hand, although this modality does not have a registration fee, it does have a monthly fee. Conditions of the Multichannel modality €99 monthly fee Minimum one year stay contract So, in short, it is a somewhat more complex modality and with much higher requirements. But is it worth selling in physical stores as well? It will depend on the judgment of each person. To give you an idea of ​​the reach that Carrefour has (at least in Spain): It has more than 170 hypermarkets distributed.

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Autonomous communities It is present in more than 110 cities throughout Spain The chain has more than 9 million loyal customers Around 1 million people shop daily at Carrefour It is a recognized and positioned brand throughout Spain (and also in other Latin American countries and the world) What products can I sell on the Carrefour marketplace? This is one of the questions that almost everyone asks before even trying to associate with Carrefour. The short answer is: almost any product Like any hypermarket, Carrefour has a huge variety of products. From food and fresh produce to household items. In the Carrefour marketplace you can find almost anything , no matter if it’s craft products, entertainment, consumer goods or whatever you sell.

In general, you do not have to worry about the type of product you want to sell. Almost all common product categories in any marketplace are accepted at Carrefour. ➡ In case of not being accepted, they will duly inform you ⬅ Advantages of selling on the Carrefour marketplace Well, if all the information that I have given you so far is not enough to convince you, the advantages offered by the platform will surely do so. Direct support from the company throughout the process One of the great advantages offered by this platform is that, unlike other marketplaces, Carrefour works hand in hand with you . It doesn’t matter if you need help when uploading a new item to your store or if you have any problems using their sales system.



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