Sell online Shopify and PayPal are the ideal combination for your online store; increase your sales by making the most of the possibilities they offer you. Benefit your customers with exclusive promotions and attract new consumers to your store without any problem. In short, paying in monthly installments is one of the best options to convert prospects into customers and attract new consumers to your online store, which translates into an increase in sales, which is undoubtedly what every business wants. Once again PayPal has not only proven to be the safest option for online transactions; but now it makes it easier to settle purchases with payments in monthly installments.

As its name indicates, it is a totally free sales channel. Where buyers and sellers are the ones who have the greatest control in the transactions. That are carried out within the platform. Of course. With certain regulations and protections that make it a safe place to buy and sell. The question is: How can Mercado Libre help your ecommerce? You will learn this and much more in this post. We start: What is Free Market? Advantages of Free Market How to register in MercadoLibre? 🇻🇪 How to sell in Mercado Libre Venezuela? Can I sell on Mercado Libre if I live in Spain? What is Free Market? Mercado Libre is, in a nutshell, an online shopping center in which both stores or sellers and buyers participate. Launched in 1999 in Argentina , its main attraction, and one of the reasons why this platform has become so successful among Hispanic countries.

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That it gives total authority to both Honduras Phone Number consumers and advertisers . The interaction is direct between merchants and buyers. ➡ As its name indicates, this platform is governed by free market rules ⬅ It has become the main ecommerce in Latin America, being one of the main online businesses in the world. To begin with, the platform does not charge any type of opening fee , the account can be opened for free, and you can start selling without having to invest. Mercado Libre charges a commission for each sale you make, being a low percentage for each sale. This ensures that you generate based on your sales, and do not pay until you get your first sale. And this is just one of the many advantages offered by this e-commerce platform. Advantages of Free Market Now, why sell in Mercado Libre? What benefits does this ecommerce bring you?

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It is an intuitive and easy to use platform One of the main advantages of this marketplace is how easy it is to use. It is really intuitive and with a low learning curve ⬅ You won’t have to fight with complicated interfaces, or worry about not knowing how to create or manage your ecommerce. This is one of the reasons why anyone can take Mercadolibre as an alternative sales platform, always keeping in mind that your main channel will be your own online store. Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address 2. It is an affordable alternative for anyone who wants to start their own business As I told you before, starting to sell.

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And to this we must add that the commission for sales is very low. The zero investment, and the low commissions required to be able to sell on this platform make Mercado Libre one of the best channels to increase the scope of our sales. Although as always you must maintain your focus and not lose objectivity : your main source of income must be your own online store and this or other platforms an extra to increase sales. Interactive Guide: 7 Steps to Open an Online Store with Shopify Creating your online store is no longer a matter of a few. With Shopify you can have your own business in a matter of minutes. And you know what? You are 7 steps away from achieving it.

But do not worry too much about it, rest assured that you will rarely need to pay for more visibility. 3. Impressive range And it is that the scope of this platform is unbeatable. It is not for nothing that it is the main e-commerce platform in all of Latin America. INTERESTING FACTS In 2018, only in Mexico, the platform registered more than 2,000 million visits , with Mexico being the third country that uses the platform the most. This can give you an idea of ​​the reach that Mercado Libre has within Latin America. More than 2 billion visits in a single country within the region, without also counting around 22 million downloads of its app. For this past year 2020, and with the recent rise of electronic commerce not only in Latam.


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