Picture showing dairy products and olive oil In a “What you need for a day hike” article. Picture showing some products laid down on the floor In their Bangladesh B2B ListBangladesh B2B List articles with customer stories: Picture promoting a portable stove  Social media is a needy beast. You have to constantly pump out new content. The solution? Take a ton of pictures ahead of time, so you have plenty of photos to share with different angles and takes on your products.

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When a fast food restaurant offers you an upgrade to a larger soda, that’s an upsell. Cross-selling involves selling different, but often related, Bangladesh B2B ListBangladesh B2B List buying. When that same restaurant offers to add fries to your order, that’s a cross-sell. Both methods help to achieve the same result — help the customer get more value out of their purchase, and help your business make more revenue from the sale. Effective upselling helps your customers get the right products that best meet their needs and makes sure they have everything they need to use the product they’re purchasing.

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I’ll use the term “upselling” to cover both tactics because it’s the far more common term (and it’s what you’ll see most plugins and features use).[*] Picture showing a storefront WHY UPSELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS OVER PHYSICAL PRODUCTS? Simple. It’s all about margin. Digital products are great to upsell next to physical products, as their sales margins are much higher. It’s common for ecommerce stores selling physical products to offer add-on items at a discount to encourage the customer to purchase.

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