With your Etsy account? To sell on Etsy, the first thing you have to do is register as a seller, that is, open an Etsy shop . 1. Go to the main page and enter the sales section To start selling, you have to first go to the main page or any page on the platform. Go to the Etsy website and start the registration process From there, head to the top right of the screen, where your profile menu is located. Click right where your profile picture goes . A dropdown menu will open. In it, you will find several options related to the configuration of your profile. Head to the bottom of the menu, and there you will find an option that says ‘ Sell on Etsy ‘. Click there. This will take you to the sales page, where you can start creating an Etsy shop .

Your store and configure your store preferences Once you are on the page, go to the bottom of it. At this point you have two options, you can start creating your Etsy shop directly from the top right of the screen, or go to the bottom of the page. However, on this page you will find some very useful information on how to sell on Etsy, so I recommend that you read it cover to cover. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to click the ‘ Open Your Etsy Shop ‘ button. This will take you to a form that you will need to fill out. The first thing you must complete are the preferences of your store , this includes the language, the payment currency that you are going to use.

Start Filling Nepal phone number Form To Open

The country from which you are going to Nepal phone number sell. And a phrase that identifies the type of store that you want to have on the platform.  Choose a name for your store After setting up the basics of your store and clicking ‘. Save and continue ‘, it’s time to choose a name. Please note: Your store name has a maximum of 20 characters, and you can always check its availability. To your store The next step is to add one or more products so that they are available as soon as you open your Etsy shop. You have to add at least one product to be able to continue. Add one or more products to your store To upload your first article, you will need to click on the option that says ‘ Add an article ‘.

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A new screen will open from which you will begin to fill in all the data of the product that you want to add. starting with a photo. Remember that the more photos or images you add, the more chances you have that a customer will be interested in your product. The next thing will be to add a video for your product, this option is relatively new, and has some limitations , but it is a good way to promote your product. The videos you upload must meet the following characteristics: Have a duration between 5 and 15 seconds. A high-quality resolution (minimum 1080px recommended) 100MB maximum size.

Add One Nepal phone number Or More Products

The video will not be shown with sound (better forget about it when recording it) Then you will have to add the information of the ad and product , complete it as best as possible so that it has a greater reach and a better conversion. The next thing you need to fill in is the information related to the price of the product and the quantity you have in your inventory. In this way you can tell your customers how many products you have available and what price each unit has. You’re almost done, now it’s time to add some optional fill- in and shipping information . Remember to accurately complete the shipping information, since it depends on it that your product reaches your customers.

You can also save the shipping profile to use for future products. To finish, you can preview the shipping costs based on the place to which it is made and the information you have entered in the shipping option. You can also check how your ad will look once published before you save it. If you like the result, click ‘ Save and continue ‘. 5. Set up payments and billing You are about to finish. Now you only have two steps left to finish. These are setting up everything related to payments and billing. Here you have to complete everything related to your residence and the bank where you want to receive payments. You can also choose how you want to charge , as an individual or as a company. Depending on any of these cases, you must fill in some data or others.


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