The tools used and the teaching methods applied will depend entirely. On the educational program and who is teaching the classes. As a curious fact: Virtual teaching may. Or may not include direct interaction between students and teachers. This is because many of the tools found on the Internet allow students. To learn without the need to take classes directly from a teacher. In general, this type of indirect teaching is supported by the use of audiovisual. Or academic resources prepared in advance by teachers, who make these resources available to students. What is the history of this teaching style? Nowadays hearing the term ” virtual classes ” is quite common. To the point where it is not uncommon for some people to consider that these are recently appearing. Especially with the current global situation and the pandemic that many countries are experiencing.

Are virtual classes really recent? What is the history of this teaching style? The short answer is no. They are not as recent as many might think, and these. As we know them, have in fact been implemented for quite some time in many countries around the world. Especially those that have a technological advance above the average. So, since when do virtual classes exist? Virtual schools dedicated to this model of education. Have been around since the end of the last century, more specifically since 1996. These early ” virtual schools “. Were not that numerous, barely to be found in parts of Australia, North America, the UK and New Zealand. Its main objective was to provide education to communities. With such a low population density that it was impossible to implement a traditional education system.

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The educational possibilities of that time were Albania phone number quite limit. Impossible to compare with what we have today And it is that just as education in general advanced. Virtual teaching also did. And today, thanks to technological advances. It is even possible to find universities that function entirely through. The Internet . Advantages and disadvantages of virtual education. Now, we know that thanks to technology and the Internet, virtual teaching is possible. And proof of this is the recent globalization of this practice due to the pandemic. But Is it just as beneficial as traditional education? With the start of virtual classes due to the pandemic. Many parents were concerned about the correct learning of their children. After all, it was a method little explored by many students. So, let’s start by clearing something up.

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Virtual teaching offers students the same possibilities to learn as a traditional class would. Do you have a business idea? Get start with Shopify free for 14 days. No credit card details required Email address Email address This is due to the fact that, for the most part. The main factors of all education continue to be met. There is a figure that educates. Which would be the teacher. There is a student willing to learn. There is educational material that provides. The necessary knowledge to the student. There is an interaction, whether direct or indirect. Between teacher and student. What virtual teaching does is convert that physical space into a digital space, which students can access from home, from a library or from any place that allows Internet access.

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Advantages of this type of virtual teaching It offers greater flexibility and more possibilities to the student to receive an education . This is because the distance factor is eliminated, in addition to the fact that the schedules can be more flexible depending on the type of teaching. Similarly, virtual teaching is usually more affordable economically speaking. Teachers do not have to worry about preparing a different class for all their courses, the same pre-recorded material can be used in multiple “classrooms” , which reduces the time spent preparing each class. For teachers, it is an opportunity to generate extra income , since the Internet eliminates the physical limitations of teaching in a classroom, being able to have multiple courses or workshops through the Internet, as well as include many more students per course.

Depending on the type of virtual teaching, a student can choose from a wide variety of tuition to learn new knowledge. Just as students have greater flexibility of time, teachers can create their own schedules and adapt their time according to their needs. Both student and teacher develop new skills and abilities , from handling communication tools to developing critical thinking and self-management skills. Disadvantages of virtual teaching We have already seen some of the most important advantages of virtual education, but as with everything, this type of education also has its disadvantages. Disadvantages of virtual teaching For students, home is not always the best place to learn , and many distractions can arise without the necessary self-management skills and focus.


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