SERVICES You can also sell services as part of your eCommerce business model. Services could include content production, web development, research, marketing and even offline services such as cleaning and office management. Selling your services online can help to boost awareness of your business, and make handling payments easier. Than following more traditional offline processes. For example, Egypt WhatsApp Number List on marketplaces like Fiverr, you can hire people to help complete tasks and provide a service for your business. Screenshot showing a gig on fiverr WHAT PRODUCT MODEL SHOULD YOU USE

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Once you’ve decided on your Egypt WhatsApp Number List product, you should also think a range of products, or cover a range of product categories. SINGLE-PRODUCT BUSINESSES Single-product eCommerce businesses focus all their efforts on selling one flagship product. This Egypt WhatsApp Number List can work really well for a business that’s new to market and wants to keep a narrow Egypt WhatsApp Number List focus on driving sales in a specific niche. For example, Fly Pedals sell pedal adapters for bicycles to convert a road or mountain bike for casual riding

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Often, as they grow, Egypt WhatsApp Number List single-product eCommerce businesses will expand to sell multiple products. For example and then Egypt WhatsApp Number List expanded to sell multiple types of hot sauce after their initial success.  With this approach you can sell several products and also benefit from repeat business form returning customers. Examples of multi-product, single-category

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