One in five salespeople say the hardest part of their job is qualifying leads. It’s a bit concerning, because it’s also one of the most vital parts of the sales process. If you get the qualification wrong, you’ll waste a ton of time talking to prospects who were never a fit for your product. Or, even worse, you could disqualify prospects who would have made ideal customers. BANT provides a framework for getting the right qualifying piece every time. Here’s how: Ecuador Phone Number What is BANT? BANT is a framework that helps you determine a prospect’s fit for your product, and which of your prospects should take priority over the others.

Time Range

Is your prospect working within a realistic timeframe? It can go two ways. If their deadline is too tight, you won’t have time to implement it. If it’s too long, you risk losing momentum on the sale – plus, the extended sales cycle and all the extra touchpoints involved could mean this deal just won’t be profitable for you. Either way, you can avoid unachievable deadlines by discussing key future dates and working backwards by adding important milestones. What are the benefits of using BANT? Ultimately, sales teams are embracing BANT because it helps them qualify leads more accurately, which helps them close more deals. What sets BANT apart from all other lead qualification frameworks?


Email Database

What barriers to implementation exist within your organization? For example, are you currently working with another vendor that you will need to leave? How does implementing a solution fit into your strategy and future goals? Realistically, when do you want this problem to be fixed? Do you have the capacity and budget to start implementation next week? What internal events or considerations impact your timeline? For example, launch events, marketing campaigns, recruitment campaigns What external events or considerations impact your timeline? For example, holiday periods, seasonality

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