At OMG Commerce we believe in a simple netherland address list marketing philosophy that has generated millions in revenue for our clients and for us. Good netherland address list remarketing campaigns help make all of your marketing efforts better. If you’re proactive and persuasive in turning visitors into customers netherland address list. then you can spend more money on your advertising efforts that generate awareness of your business. YouTube has proved to be a powerhouse as a remarketing channel.

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brand needs to consider YouTube remarketing. For Boom by Cindy Joseph, led by my friend Ezra Firestone, YouTube TrueView ads are an integral netherland address list part of our remarketing efforts. Using YouTube TrueView ads, we’re able to recover thousands of abandoned carts on a consistent netherland address list basis. We also leverage YouTube campaigns to boost customer Lifetime Value (LTV). The netherland address list economics are impressive too. We consistently drive conversions at 50% below our Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) target for remarketing campaigns. Sometimes lower. Screenshot showing conversion stats for some ads So what are YouTube

How Email Marketing Can Transform

TrueView ads? These are the netherland address list pre-roll or “before” video ads that play right before the video you choose to watch on. YouTube plays. Viewers can skip these ads after the first five seconds. Here’s an example of one of Boom’s TrueView ads on desktop: Screenshot showing a youtube video. Here’s another example of what TrueView ads look like on mobile: Screenshot showing a youtube ad on mobile. The beautiful part for you as an advertiser is that you don’t pay unless someone watches your video for at least 30 seconds (or the whole video if it’s less than 30 seconds) or clicks through to your site. If a user doesn’t watch or engage with your ad, you pay nothing.

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