To upload your list to Facebook: Screenshot showing how to export facebook audience to amilchimp On Twitter. The audience manager tool is similar to Facebook. You Ivory Coast Phone Number List simply upload your list via a CSV file and Twitter will create the audience inside your ad manager. This method of uploading your email list to your social media ad accounts can cut time. Finding new subscribers because you Ivory Coast Phone Number List can easily create a lookalike audience. It also helps you stay engaged with current ones. Screenshot showing facebook ads audiences In Facebook, this is what you will see after you upload your CSV file.

How to Develop an

You can uncover more demographic Ivory Coast Phone Number List information about your email list. Than ever before such as location, gender, interests and so on using Ivory Coast Phone Number List tool. Screenshot showing facebook audience insights page When you open Audience Insights, a pop-up asks you to choose an audience. You want to select: A Custom Audience Screenshot showing facebook audience selection

E-Mail Marketing List

Screenshot showing facebook audience demographics You can select one or more audiences to analyze. I chose “Connections.” I now know that 700 people on my list are active on Facebook at least once a month. The gender breakdown of those who are active, and their age group. Screenshot showing facebook audience demographics Based on your Facebook Audience Insights you can add content to your email campaigns that resonate with your audience. For example, if you learn a majority of your current list love animals, adding a relevant animal-related item or promotion could lead to higher clicks.

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