The number of sales channels is constantly growing. First there was shouting in the town square, then mail, then phone calls and finally emails. Now? Social media, especially LinkedIn, has come onto the scene as the latest method of communication to hit every salesperson’s bucket list. Here, we’ll take a look at LinkedIn Sales Navigator so you can Honduras Phone Number better understand how to integrate it into your sales process. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Many people think of LinkedIn as a free social media platform, like Facebook and Instagram. And it’s true – up to a point.

Linkedin Premium Vs Sales Navigator

Although LinkedIn is generally considered a free platform, LinkedIn Premium, another of the company’s paid solutions, is still quite familiar to LinkedIn users. However, LinkedIn Premium should not be confused with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as the two serve very different purposes. LinkedIn Premium comes in two flavors: Career and Enterprise. Both versions include LinkedIn Learning courses, they let you see who’s viewed your profile, and they provide access to InMail. The career is for job seekers and includes access to interview preparation. Business provides business information, so businesses can track their competitors.

How to Use Linkedin Sales Navigator

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Honduras Phone Number

Like any tool, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to its full extent will take practice and skill. However, these steps will get you started quickly. Start with the free trial Before investing in Sales Navigator, take advantage of the free trial offered by LinkedIn. This will give you some time to start playing around with the features and decide. If this is a tool worth spending the money on for you. The trial lasts 30 days, so you’ll have plenty of time to experiment and decide if it works. Set up your Sales Navigator account When you sign up for Sales Navigator, you’ll have the option to configure your account to your liking. You’ll probably want to start by adding LinkedIn connections as leads to follow, finding companies you want to monitor, and defining your niche and geographic region.

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