Cold outreach campaigns are a nightmare for most marketers. Cold emails typically have low open rates and even lower levels of engagement. But do you know what can make your cold email campaigns more exciting and effective? Video prospecting. When Hubspot asked what kind of content consumers want to see from brands, 54% of respondents said videos. Video consumption has also increased enormously in recent years. In today’s article, I’m going Cyprus Phone Number to show you how to bring your awareness campaigns to life with video prospecting. Prospecting refers to the activity of turning a prospect into a real prospect or opportunity. Before we look at how you can use video in these different outreach campaigns, let’s look at the basics of email prospecting.

Introduce Yourself

The critical first step in any awareness campaign is to introduce yourself to the right person. Therefore, start by finding the right person in the organization you are addressing. You can find this person on professional platforms like LinkedIn. You can also use tools like Voilanorbert to find the prospect’s email address. Once you have the contact information, create a killer introductory email. Mention your name, your company and the position you hold. Next, list your services. Keep the entire email short and sweet. Finally, add a short paragraph offering your services and include the appropriate call to action (CTA).

Include Testimonials in Your Follow-up Email

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We generally expect potential customers to respond to us after sending the initial introductory email. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Some potential customers will read your message but not respond. Others won’t even open the email in the first place. This is where the follow-up email comes in. You want to prove that your solution works in the follow-up email. What better way to do this than through testimonials? Testimonials provide the social proof you need to convince prospects that you’re an expert in your field. While short customer testimonials can get the job done, you’ll find that case studies are more effective.

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