But it’s a great way to convert window shoppers into customers. For example, check out this email from Shopify store Sebastien Cruz: Screenshot showing a popup I business opportunity email leads signed up for their email list to try to win a free item. Then browsed around their store. Three business opportunity email leads hours later, they sent that email with the product. I viewed the most times business opportunity email leads (without buying anything). Wanna do this for your store? Use Sumo’s Convert Window Shoppers Shortcut. Sebastien Cruz has it set up so if you’re on their email list and don’t purchase what you were viewing within three hours, you get an email with your most viewed product.

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They set it up inside Sumo, business opportunity email leads following these two steps: Step 1: Build the email you want to send (Sumo will automatically insert your visitors most viewed product inside the email). Screenshot showing Sumo settings Step 2: Set how much time you want to business opportunity email leads wait before the email is triggered to your visitor. (you can set it to trigger after 3, 24, or business opportunity email leads 48 hours; or a custom delay you set). Screenshot showing Sumo settings To try it for yourself, click the button below. 17. POWER WORDS STRATEGY (RESULT: MORE EMAIL OPENS) I have one final marketing trick for you

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It’s so ridiculously incredible and swoon-worthy, it might just dazzle you with excitement and astonish you with jaw-dropping badassery. OK, maybe not. But it’s my favorite ecommerce marketing strategy, and I saved it for last: Using power words. Screenshot showing list of power business opportunity email leads words Words have the power to evoke emotion and trigger curiosity. They can cause you to click, share, or buy. They can piss you off or make you laugh. So if you’re looking for a way to increase sales and engagement, try adding some of these 401+ power words to your website, your emails, and your marketing.

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