If you don’t know how to offer bundles on your store, here are a few plugins/apps for the major store builders: Shopify: Product Bundles by Bold, Bundle Products by. Product Bundles Magento: Magento Product Bundled Discount Extension Bigcommerce: Built-in (Go to Products › Product Options to get started) Once you’ve built one bundle, consider creating more and doing a “12 days of Christmas” deal. Reveal a new bundle each day. This will keep people coming back to your store (or opening your emails) to see the deals. Done? Good. Moving on! 3. WRITE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDES This is hands-down

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My FAVORITE marketing idea on this list. Why? Because content is the backbone of long-term growth. You can create a search-optimized Christmas gift guide focused on a Christmas keyword, get this guide to rank through link building, then update it algeria phone book . For example, we recently wrote a guide to camping gifts for people who love to camp and hike.[*] Screenshot showing Christmas themed content. These buyers guides have the potential to bring you hundreds, if not thousands of visitors searching using purchase-intent keywords.

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People searching for “gift ideas for campers” are looking to buy something. Here’s how it’s done: Start by searching “gift ideas for [your niche here]” or “[your niche here] gift ideas”. Screenshot showing Google search results Grab the first URL that’s a gift guide (skip any URLs just linking to homepages). Copy-paste it into Ahrefs (you can get a seven-day trial for $7). Then click the “Organic Keywords” section. Screenshot showing ahrefs search results Now you’ll see all the keywords that URL ranks for. Find the highest-volume keyword they get traffic from and

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