I know emails aren’t the sexiest form of lead generation, and their counterparts, signup forms, might seem obvious, but they’re two of the most proven ways to build a hearty lead list. and they work hand-in-hand. Unless you outsource your lead generation , or even despite it, upping your email game will always lead to positive results. Email tops the list Cameroon Phone Number of marketing tools , with an ROI of $44 for every dollar spent, and according to Campaign Monitor, you see 174% more conversions through email than on social media – the numbers don’t lie.

The Left Mail Is Full of Sins While

You try to include too much information in one email. On average you receive 141 emails per day, now imagine they are all 500 words long, if the average reading speed is 300 words per minute, it will take you almost 4 hours to read your emails. The email should be a concise teaser, informing of exciting new developments, blog posts or offers. Include only salient information, but leave the juicy details on your landing pages, which will encourage the reader to click. You can then monitor which emails grab your readers’ attention and tailor future emails to those topics.

Send Emails Without a Clear Cta

Email Database

You carefully construct your email, use the right language to engage your reader. But then miss the engagement by not including a CTA. Although you have provided the customer with useful and insightful information (always the goal). It will only benefit you if you give your customer an action to take as a result of reading the email. Every email sent must include at least one CTA. Also, don’t try to get too smart; simple recognizable words are what you want to use: subscribe, read, click here, attend, download etc. avoid complex terms for simple concepts. Also, you can include links to the same page/blog post/offer in multiple sections of the email.

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