When you decide to build a business in the digital era like today, of course you want brand awareness to your customers, right? There are Venezuela Phone Number several ways that can be done to build this in the current digital marketing era. One of them is by email funnel. Have you heard of this before? If not, what is meant by email funnel? And will he make a meaningful contribution to your business? This article will not only explain to you about email funneling, but also how to create an email funnel in a few easy.

What is an Email Funnel?

The first thing you should know is what an email funnel is. An email funnel is an automated chain of marketing messages using email. The goal is as a way to build leads and produce the desired action. 

What are the Benefits of Building an Email Funnel

Many questions come to mind when we mention digital marketing funnels and email funnels. The explanations themselves vary widely. What are the benefits of building an email funnel? Here are some of the benefits you get by building an email funnel:

Imagine when you no longer have to worry about how your business is running. Also, you don’t have to worry about building the trust of new prospects. Of course you will be happy if the traffic on your website consistently brings visitors every day. This is very possible with the positive contribution of the email funnel. Traffic will always come and you just need to focus on creating good content.

  1. Turn Leads Into Purchases

One of the benefits of an email funnel is the potential conversion from a prospect to a purchase. You don’t have to bother to always follow your prospects wherever they go. Without having to do an invasive invitation, buyers will come if your product or service is the solution to their problem.

  1. Turning Buyers into Loyalists/fans

It would be great if buyers are satisfied with your product and tell others about it. This stage is reached if the buyer, or consumer is satisfied not only because the product you sell is a solution for them. But it also relates to your service. This phase the buyer has become a loyalist or a big fan of you. And they don’t hesitate to share their experiences using your product. Calculate, really save your advertising budget, right?

How do I create an email funnel for the first time?

Now it’s time for you to try to build your first email funnel. Please follow these steps for your first funnel email:

  1. Choosing an Email Marketing Platform

The first thing you have to do when building an email funnel is to choose an email marketing platform. There are two of the most popular email marketing platforms. Namely Mailchimp and . In this article, we will also discuss how to create an email funnel using the two platforms above.

There are several steps you must take when creating an email funnel using Mailchimp.

First, login to your Mailchimp account. Then, in the upper right corner of the screen, click the “create campaign” button. Then scroll down, and please select “create an email”. Later, four options will appear at the top of the screen. We recommend that you click “automated”. Click on Recover Abandoned Carts.

And your email funnel on Mailchimp is ready. You can set up a five-email automated workflow that automatically starts once a customer or visitor gets an abandoned cart email.

The second platform you can use is . A funnel email platform that is a tight competitor to Mailchimp. You can immediately set up to start an email marketing campaign using . You must create a lead generation form. This lead generation form allows potential customers or prospects to enter their contact details. For example, such as their first name and email address, which you will definitely need when contacting them in the future

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