As with any business process, we began with the end in mind. We needed a better way to have examples ready for our weekly Facebook post, and, at the same time. We wanted to update our examples e-book. In addition, we have other ideas of how we might re-use this newly organized content. Knowing our goals helped me decide what kinds of information to collect about each content Australia Mobile Number marketing example listed on our Google spreadsheet: Effort: Description of the example Company: Brand leading creation or distribution of the example Content type: Video, e-book, podcast, etc. We have a standard list of content types – tactics – that we use to categorize the examples. Since we often like to create editorial content based on our annual research.

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We use the same content types in our categorizing that we include there. For instance, this data will make it much easier for us to update the e-book, Content Marketing Australia Mobile Number Playbook. Why we love it: Submitter’s reason for adding this example CMI source: Link to the relevant blog post on CMI or a note identifying the CMI person who submitted this example Industry: Industry relevant to example (picked from our standard list) Person to cite: Person who wrote about this or provided this example Direct link for Australia Mobile Number an image: Place where image of example is stored intelligent-content-reuse-spreadsheet Click to enlarge A snippet from the spreadsheet CMI uses to keep track of content marketing examples.

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That may make good candidates for reuse across all our channels and deliverables. RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Intelligent Content Demystified. How we manage the spreadsheet We have Australia Mobile Number tried to manage this spreadsheet in several ways. What has worked best for us is to have our director of curation, Jodi Harris, “own” this spreadsheet. While several of us can add examples, Jodi is the person who reviews everything to make sure it’s a good fit. (Or, even better, I can shoot Jodi an email of an idea, and she’ll add it.) She Australia Mobile Numbers reviews and revises all of the examples so that they appear in a consistent and accurate way. Not to put too fine a point on this, but the only technology we use is Google spreadsheets.

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