For years, sharing free knowledge has been Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers seen as the holy grail of increasing brand awareness. But according to  you no longer distinguish yourself with that. How do you stand out? By entertaining! In her review , Kim Pot addresses the 6 commandments of email marketing. Send entertaining emails, not spam. Surprise with your titles and also provide a bit of variety. Read more about these commandments in her article. Nice to get started with that!

Kim Pot about the book: “I have two sheets of new ideas in my notebook that I can work with. Highly recommended for every entrepreneur and marketing professional.”

3. Socrates on sneakers

Practical Guide to Asking Good Questions – Author: Elke Wiss

In response to our call on our LinkedIn page for professional book tips, Tessa Evers responded: “I recommend books that are not directly about your field, but broaden your knowledge.” And she immediately came up with this fascinating tip.

In Socrates on Sneakers , practical philosopher Elke Wiss discusses the art of good conversation. She shows why we are so bad at asking good questions and how we can get better at it. Learn the skills needed to ask those questions that surprise and make you think. This way you can have conversations that lead to deepening and connection. With someone else, but also with yourself.

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4. Happy Leader

Successfully managing a team your way – Author: Romilde van Commenée

You work in a team full of different personalities with all different preferences. Not every colleague gets along well with another colleague, there is always one who feels personally attacked or the colleague who always knows better and likes to make himself heard. How do you deal with all these different types? And which approach works? In Happy Leader , Romilde van Commenée discusses the success formula of good leadership.

Kim Pot in her review of the book: “Although Happy Leader is aimed at managers, it still got me thinking. If you want to get something done in the organization where you work, it is good to think about what type of colleagues you are dealing with.”


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