Demographics Click Add Segment Screenshot showing google analytics audience overview 4. Click the red New Segment button Screenshot showing google analytics overview 5. Name Guatemala Phone Number List the new segment (Campaign Medium: email) 6. On the left menu, select Traffic Guatemala Phone Number List Sources 7. In the Medium field, select Exactly Matches and type in ‘email’ Screenshot showing traffic sources on google analytics 8. Guatemala Phone Number List Click Save If you have MailChimp, all metrics relating to your email campaign of choice can be viewed on the Analytics360 page within MailChimp. It automatically pulls the segmented data from Google Analytics.

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You can see everything at a quick glance Guatemala Phone Number List without having to set up a segment in GA. Your goal is to track your conversions from link click to purchase. In GA, there are four Guatemala Phone Number List ways to track goals: URL, Time, Pages/Visit, and Events. You can create a URL Guatemala Phone Number List Destination Goal. When someone makes a purchase and visits the Guatemala Phone Number List Thank You URL, this triggers the goal. To set up up a goal: 1. Go to your Google Analytics dashboard

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Screenshot showing goals on google Guatemala Phone Number List analytics GA provides a walk-through to set up your goal. Screenshot showing email campaign goal description page You want to create a goal funnel to track your subscribers moving. Form the email campaign link to your Guatemala Phone Number List website to purchase. In most cases, your Goal URL will be your thank you page (or Guatemala Phone Number List whatever page people get sent to after your opt-in form). You don’t want to input the entire URL, just what’s after the domain. GA gives you up to ten steps to create your funnel. The funnel will track people who jump between steps, but land at the goal.

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