Spend $1 million in less than 30 days to generate a minimum of $4 million in sales. That was the challenge given to our team at Common Thread Collective by PupSocks. A Hong Kong B2B List brand selling pet-themed socks that was currently spending only $500 per day on Facebook but wanted Hong Kong B2B List to make millions over the holiday season. We weren’t sure we could pull it off — but, well, Hong Kong B2B List see what happened for yourself: Over the course of 45 days. We sold 80,000 pairs of socks We made a 4x return on ad spend on the first $1,000,000 We made a 3.8x. Return on ad spend on the full $1,500,000 The scaling program created more than 100 jobs in

Hypnotizing Your Opt-ins With Effective

States Screenshot of iHeartDogs I’m going to walk you through exactly how. Common Thread Collective (CTC) built, managed, and scaled a campaign of this magnitude. Hong Kong B2B List 1 Step #1: Build Your Million Dollar Facebook Ad Campaign Foundation 2 Step #2: Find Your Hong Kong B2B List 4X ROI Ad Creative 3 Step #3. Create New Audiences For Your 4X ROI Ad Creative 4 Step #4: Decide Hong Kong B2B List When To Kill Or Scale Your Ad Sets 5 Step #5. Duplicate Your Winning Ad Sets And Increase The Budget 6 Step #6: Get Advertiser Access To An Influencers Facebook Page STEP #1: BUILD YOUR MILLION DOLLAR FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGN FOUNDATION

Email Promotions That Sell Like Hot Cakes

If you want to maximize your Hong Kong B2B List potential ad spend on a newish Facebook ad account, there are four vital things to know. Your ad account Hong Kong B2B List spending limit starts at $750 a day. But having an agency partner that has a permanent rep can Hong Kong B2B List expedite the process. Especially over the holidays, we recommend putting these requests in weeks ahead of. Who is Hong Kong B2B List your ideal date in email marketing? What characteristics are you looking for, and what have you done to attract them.

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