Ibella undoubtedly takes one of the top prizes on this list. And it is that they not only have the typical products and cosmetics that you can find in any wholesale store, but they also expand their catalog with specialized products. To give you an idea, in this wholesale store you can find from specific cosmetic products for a male audience , to makeup for special events and festivities, such as Halloween, costume parties and any other time that requires some artistic makeup. And if that wasn’t enough, they have an impressive list of skin and hair care products . You will find everything in this store. Create a powerful marketing strategy for your ecommerce. In this GUIDE you have the keys you need!

Style is a wholesale and retail store of cosmetic products, where you can buy products at spectacular prices. One of its main advantages, in addition to its varied catalog of cosmetic products, are its prices. And it is that even when it comes to buying retail products, they have some of the best prices in all of Peru . In addition, they have a points system in which you accumulate points for each purchase you make , and that you can later redeem for more products. Your product image can make or break your jewelry business. How can you convince a potential buyer to buy your jewelry if you don’t show them detailed pictures on your website? The truth is that photographing jewelry is quite a challenge.

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You must avoid reflections and imperfections. Indonesia phone number manipulate lighting as well as adjust shutter speed and aperture in a certain way. Performing all these actions at the same time is not easy, it can get very complicated very quickly. That’s why we bring you tips based on experience. And before all that, the first thing is to start by creating your own ecommerce. Start here: Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address In this guide you will learn tricks to prepare, light, position and edit your photos, so it will look like you hired a professional. Become a professional jewelry photographer and do it yourself! Here are the guidelines to follow.

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Necessary equipment to photograph jewelry How to photograph jewelry for your online store? 6 tips for photographing jewelry Necessary equipment to photograph jewelry for your ecommerce The photography equipment you use will vary depending on your budget. You have the option to keep costs to a minimum by purchasing some of the items listed below, or you can purchase certain items of equipment that are more expensive, such as lighting or jewelry displays. Here are some of the essentials of equipment for photographing jewelry: Camera Tripod lighting source Desk White background foam board Clamps or duct tape Free Guide: How to Take Product Photos by Yourself Learn how to take beautiful product photos on a budget for free with our comprehensive video guide.

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Camera Truth be told, you don’t need the most expensive camera to take photos of your jewelry. A novice jeweler can also do a photo shoot with an iPhone or Android. If you have a smartphone within reach, use it. If you already have a DSLR camera with a good lens, you can use it. Camera If you’re considering buying a new camera, check out this Quora thread on the best cameras for product photography. Tripod If you hold the camera with your hands, it will not matter what type of lighting you use. Holding a camera or smartphone in your hands increases the chances of camera shake and is best avoided. Tripod Source: The New York Times-Wirecutter Always use a tripod.

Tripods are cheap, effective and not only improve quality but also consistency. If the tripod holds the camera firmly, you will be able to optimize the aperture and ISO settings. If you put a mark on the ground and put the tripod in that same place every time, it will be easy for you to repeat the setup, even when you shoot later. Light source Light is essential to take photos of your jewelry. In this sense, it is best to choose a room with a window and that the adjoining wall becomes your photography space. The bigger the window, the better the light you get. If you don’t have natural light, the alternative is to purchase artificial light sources, such as a softbox, commonly called a softbox.

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