Use text to extend the visual experience Cook Islands B2B List that comes through images and videos. They can be difficult to scale because you can’t write unique and beautiful descriptions for thousands of products. However, it’s recommended to not just copy the description from the Cook Islands B2B List manufacturer. Ecommerce deals with commodities, which means that most shops carry the same inventory. To stand out, you need to make your product page as unique as possible. The product description is a great opportunity for that.

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What you want to avoid are long and dry Cook Islands B2B List deserts of text. Instead, loosen it up by structuring it, including images, and making it easy for people to find the information they’re looking for in the description. Often people want to buy a product for slightly different reasons: some Cook Islands B2B List care about durability, others more about looks—even in the same product. The description should help users to find the value and information they need to make the purchase. Worst Practice Look at the screenshot below; the same product

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Description can be found on many other Cook Islands B2B List sites. It’s not going to prevent you completely from ranking, but it’s also not going to benefit you. Screenshot Cook Islands B2B List showing google results and a product page What the worst practice does wrong: Same product description as on other sites. Very Cook Islands B2B List short product description (<150 characters) on the page. If space is an Cook Islands B2B List issue or you don’t want to distract users, you can continue the description below the top section of the page.

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