Audience and reach out to them with an interview request. List a lot of people, because not everybody will respond. You can expect a 25% response rate. When I started reaching out, Noah had me send these requests every single day: Screenshot showing an email by Noah Kagan This increased my likelihood of landing interviews. Here’s what I would email the people I wanted to interview: Hey [first name], Huge fan of your work. Your thing about [x] really impacted me. I run a popular newsletter about how to improve sleep.

How To Create A Product That

Love to ask you 4 super short questions about your sleep to share with my audience. Cool? Be Awesome, Julien Sleep Sumo An example of this email that was really effective: Screenshot showing an email Once the person responded to me, I’d send them the interview questions. Screenshot  guida telefonica spagna  showing an email With this template, I’ve been able to interview some awesome entrepreneurs, like Hal Elrod, John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Jaime Masters, and Andrew Warner. Because I featured these influencers, they were also happy to share the interview content with their audience

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like Andrew Warner did with his 40,000+ followers: Screenshot showing a tweet This drove even more traffic. In a normal piece of content, it would have been very difficult to get these types of influencers to share it. But when you quote or interview them? Of course they want to share it! Here’s an email script of how I asked them to share it with their audience: Subject: Thank you SO much for this Hey [first name], I’m a beginner. Thank you SO much for this. Here’s your interview. [link] If you have 3 seconds, it would mean the world if you could share, [clicktotweet link]. No sweat if you can’t. Have a magical day, Julien

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