Tires last two times as long as any other car, yet are the same price (50% the cost on replacements). Shatter and scratch proof windshield (zero future repair costs). Times Bulgaria B2B List the average MPG (50% savings on gas) When you get an actual product, you can put a dollar amount Bulgaria B2B List to these stats as opposed to percentages. Showing users their actual savings in dollars. Regardless of Bulgaria B2B List which of the three tiers of copy you use on your landing page, the key is to remind your users of the value of converting. The value of your product. Answering the “why” behind your product often outperforms classic feature-driven copy

Marketing 4 – Building Your List Part

As the why is more closely tied to Bulgaria B2B List emotions and the user’s actual desires. It also avoids complicated jargon that can bore users. Communicating your unique value Bulgaria B2B List proposition as clearly and delightfully as possible is key.  If you’re selling a product that requires a good deal of Bulgaria B2B List background information that the user will be scrolling to read, an above-fold CTA may not be enough. Your CTA is meant to be the driving action on your landing pages, and it should be

Email Marketing – The Best Practices For Retailers

Constantly encouraging and reminding Bulgaria B2B List users to convert. If you do have a long landing page, the CTA should be constantly visible to your users. No matter where the user is scrolling on your page, make sure the CTA is always clear and present. You can use sticky elements Bulgaria B2B List like in the example below to do this. Screenshot showing a product page on mobile Sticky elements will Bulgaria B2B List anchor your CTA or registration form to be on screen regardless of where your user is on the page. This is a great way to keep the goal of conversion always on your user’s mind (and in their peripheral vision) while they peruse your products.

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