The combination of inbound and outbound sales will help you achieve rapid and sustainable growth. But not every company really has the time or the resources to do a good job in both areas. To play it safe, many companies (including Mailshake) started out with one or the other. But there are ways to be successful in both inbound and outbound Morocco Phone Number  sales, even with limited resources. To show you how, we interviewed reps from Chili Piper and Mailshake. This way you can see what it takes to make inbound and outbound sales work and earn more revenue.

What Is the Difference Between Inbound

So inbound sales is all about leads that are already warmed up by your inbound marketing efforts, while outbound sales is about getting in the cold, helping you make first impressions with people who don’t know you yet. It’s important to understand the difference because prospects (people who don’t know you very well) are different from leads (people who have already shown interest). “It’s kind of like when you go to an event, isn’t it?” And you don’t know anyone,” says Kaysie Wagoner, account executive at Mailshake, “All of these people will be called leads until you actually have a conversation with one of them, then they become a lead, then once you have that initial spark, that’s when you want to integrate them into a CRM tool, and then build that relationship from there. »

Prequalify Inbound Leads

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Are qualified inbound leads the responsibility of your sales reps? If so, that might be why you feel like you don’t have enough time to do the outbound sales justice. Many SDRs waste their valuable time calling incoming leads and trying to qualify them. According to Will Hong, Sr. SDR at Chili Piper, it’s usually up to SDR to contact an incoming prospect, qualify them, and put them on an AE’s schedule. But automating the prequalification process can help free up SDRs to focus on more valuable work.

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