Sections of the page highlighted Screenshot of a page on a website and a CTA button After you’ve introduced your product, you’re going to show social proof Taiwan Email Lists that it works. Boom uses Jennifer Aniston as social proof of someone who uses their products. They name-drop and talk about company benefits that match the company’s core value from the previous section. They then show Taiwan Email Lists social proof of where Jennifer Aniston mentions the product,. If you have social proof of a celebrity who endorses your product like Boom does, you can follow this same strategy.

Email Marketing Blueprint For Your Business

If not, you have three options: Send your product to famous people in your industry. Pay a celebrity for a day (instructions here). Use a different type of social Taiwan Email Lists proof (here are 13 types). For my beard company, here’s how I would use the “Where You’ve Taiwan Email Lists Been Featured” social proof type to prove the value of my product. Name Dropping: Vogue loves The Ladies’ Man Badass Beard Oil! Company Benefits Have a coarse beard? You’re not alone.  Don’t be a slave to your beard. “The Ladies’ Man Badass Beard Oil is a revolution for you and your lady friend,”
says Jimmy Cyclone.

What’s Email Marketing

The Ladies’ Man is the only Taiwan Email Lists beard oil that’s anti-itch, baby bottom soft, and smells like victory.  Apply one dollop of The Ladies’ Man Miracle Morning beard oil in the morning, and one dollop of the Electric Evening beard oil in the evening. You can’t go wrong.” Social Taiwan Email Lists Proof Quote: “My husband loves the Ladies’ Man Beard Oil. He says his beard doesn’t itch anymore… and it feels softer to me too.” Social Proof Image: Photo of a guy taking a selfie along with some funny captions

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