Videos with low retention rates Heads up, the next advice might sound harsh. If your videos have low retention rates, this generally tells you that the video is bad. Do make sure to compare your performance to India Phone Numbers and other videos of a similar length. However, if your average retention is less than 30% for a video shorter than 10 minutes, you probably need to India Phone Number consider removing it. You can recut it and upload it again. Especially if you think there is still value in the topic, and a high search volume for the appropriate keywords.

Upload Proper Transcripts for India Phone Number

All your videos Though YouTube’s automated transcripts are better than they used to be, it’s still better to India Phone Number upload your own. Why? Because the tool can make mistakes. India Phone Number  So, if you want total accuracy, it’s better to provide the transcripts yourself. Additionally, if you are targeting more than one in-language market, uploading international transcripts can massively improve your visibility for searches in those languages. Step 3 – Clean and improve your titles Most YouTube titles are too long.

This Is Probably Because India Phone Number

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They try to replicate the style of web page meta titles. Generally, YouTube titles should be no longer than 50 characters. And they shouldn’t include things like pipes or hyphens followed by the brand name. India Phone Number Your channel name already indicates your brand in YouTube search results. So, what should you include? Consider using words that promise value. India Phone Number You can also hint at what users are likely to find when they click on your video as opposed to others. Step 4 – Improve your descriptions Descriptions should have four elements: supporting text, supporting links, hashtags, and timestamps (key moments).

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