Want to find out other places your competitor sells in addition to their Shopify site. To refine your search efforts, just keep adding exclusion terms to eliminate results like your competitor’s blog, help and contact pages, etc. By doing this, you’ll learn about other platforms your competition is selling on besides Shopify, discounts they’re offering their customers. And ways they promote their products so you can do the same (and more!) to take business away from them and generate more sales of your own.  Ahrefs is a suite of online tools designed to help you boost your site’s traffic

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Research your competitors, conduct ecommerce backlink research, and monitor your niche for trends. In fact, this advanced tool can help you figure out exactly why your Shopify competitors are ranking as high as they are in search results, so you can make improvements to your shop canada buyer list and outrank them. Because ecommerce traffic is dependent on organic search traffic for competitive keywords and link building, it makes sense to monitor what your competitors are doing to rank well in search results. It also helps to mimic those strategies on your site to increase your rankings

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Drive more organic traffic to your site, and of course, boost your overall sales. With Ahrefs you can enter your competitor’s URL and see: Which keywords they’re ranking for. How many search results include those keywords. The ranking position of each keyword. How much traffic is visiting your competitor. Their PPC ad budget. Want to know who is linking to your competitors? Ahrefs can tell you that too. Here’s how to find what a competitors top ranked pages are. Screenshot showing ahrefs data on a website Here’s how to see where your competitors are getting their best backlinks from.

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