The supporting text works best when it serves the need for additional context, and helps direct users towards a greater understanding. Don’t put a great wall of text in your description. Indonesia Phone Numbers And stay away from generic boilerplate sentences about your business. Instead, explain what your video is about, when and where it was shot, and what users can expect to take away. Indonesia Phone Numbers After the supporting text, you can include the timestamps that indicate key sections of the video.

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Hashtags (maximum), which are then followed by links to other videos and appropriate external pages. Indonesia Phone Number Step 5 – Work out your best thumbnails and iterate Broadly speaking, thumbnails that perform well have bright, high contrast colors, and include a face. Unfortunately, there is no absolute blueprint for the best kind of thumbnails. Indonesia Phone Number So, how do you know what type of thumbnail works best for you? The most appropriate metric to measure the success of any thumbnail is the impression click-through rate.

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YouTube analytics. Indonesia Phone Number Simply look which videos have the highest impression CTR and see if you can discern uniting factors. Once you’ve determined the style that seems to Indonesia Phone Number be working best, try to apply that style to all of your existing and new content. Tip: codify this style into a style guide. This will help you be consistent with your thumbnails! However, do try to change it up over time. See if the old style still works best or if another style attracts more clicks.

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