Are one of the main reasons why we see content. The simple fact that the notification appears in each of the users that are part of your audience, will make them aware that you are creating new content . In addition to leaving them with the intrigue of knowing what you have to say in your live 4. It is an excellent method to generate content Another great advantage is that the Lives are not lost once they are finished. You have the option to upload it to your stories once they are finished, and by saving them directly to your mobile you have the option to upload it again through IGTV or in a post. In this way you will be generating quality content that those users who did not attend the live show will be able to see at any time through your Instagram profile.

So if you don’t know what content to upload, you can try uploading some direct Free guide: 5 infallible ways to do Inbound Marketing in your ecommerce and attract new customers Do you want to attract new customers to your ecommerce? Inbound Marketing can help you a lot! How to make a direct on Instagram Live? It is really very easy to start a direct on this platform with Instagram Live. Once you have your device at hand. It’s time to start a direct, to do this, enter the Instagram app and follow these steps: 1. Swipe right Once inside the Instagram application, you must slide the screen to the right , as if you were trying to upload a Storie to your profile. 2. Go to the “Live” option within your Stories alternatives Once you are in the Stories menu.

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Go to the “Live” option within your Stories Afghanistan phone number alternatives. Set up your Live Once there, head to the top left of the screen. There you will find a gear icon, the classic icon for options. Can be private or public, you must configure this before starting your live 4. Start your live!  Just press the button to start the live at the bottom center of your screen. Start your direct! As a tip, at the beginning focus on greeting your audience while your audience is entering , and once you have a good number of users inside, start with your direct. 5. Save and/or download your video Once you have finished your transmission, Instagram gives you the possibility to share it on IGTV, see its statistics (Insights) or download it to save it on your device.

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Also, if you did not find it interesting, you can delete it and re-record or discard that idea. End Instagram Live Still not clear on how to promote your ecommerce on social networks? Here you have the Guide that will teach you how to start Your followers are waiting for you, what are you waiting for to start doing lives? You have already seen how easy it is to start broadcasting your live broadcasts on this very successful social network and where, surely, your potential clients are. Situate yourself in a colorful landscape, prepare a script of what you are going to tell them and action! Education is the main source of knowledge for people and like everything else, it has evolved over time. The way in which we educate future generations has been changing, and with it.

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But it is no longer just a question of all the tools that we have thanks to the Internet to facilitate education, but the fact that it is even possible to educate through this virtual medium. The question is “how to achieve it”. Today I bring you the answer, which I anticipate that it is through virtual or distance education . We start: What is virtual teaching? Advantages and disadvantages of virtual education 4 tips to get the most out of virtual teaching What is virtual teaching? It is an education model in which the entire learning process is carried out through the Internet. It is no surprise to anyone that the way we communicate has changed drastically in recent decades. Whether it’s through an email, an instant messaging application or even with calls and video calls made over the Internet.

And it is precisely these methods that allow it to be possible to educate the new generations without the need to have the ‘insitu’ students in front of us. It is, in other words, what we would call distance education through virtual channels. This education is aided by tools such as: Platforms or applications dedicated to education Gamification of education Remote communication platforms, which allow the creation of conferences or virtual meetings Tools for managing a workflow or workflow, which helps to systematize classical teaching processes Other communication tools, such as instant messaging applications or emails 10 Infallible Email Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales Here are some of the best email marketing techniques that really work. “The money is on your list.” One of the best communication strategies is through email.


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