Find and partner with a non-competing brand in the same or a similar niche to create an even bigger giveaway. If you sell daily planners, partner with a pen company. all usa email database free downloadYou get the idea. WANT REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES OF SHOPIFY STORES BUILDING THEIR LIST FROM SCRATCH? You now know four simple strategies to build your email list from scratch. If you use these proven strategies, you’ll have an email list of your 1,000 true fans in no time.

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Button below to get my list building swipe file with five real-life examples of Shopify stores using these strategies to build their list.Want all usa email database free download I don’t need to unload stats on you. You already know the holiday season is (for most companies) the best sales period of the entire year. In today’s article, I’m going to show you seven Christmas marketing ideas to make more sales this holiday season. 1 Decorate Your Online Store 2 Create Product Gift Bundles 3 Write Christmas Gift Guides 4 Optimize Your Ad Campaigns. Offer Gift Cards 6 Turn On Free Shipping (Just Do It)

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Run A Post-Christmas Sale 1. DECORATE YOUR ONLINE STORE The first Christmas marketing idea I have for you is simple: Design. A holiday flair on your online store can get you into the spirit of Christmas and show off your sales. If you want to get into the holiday spirit, I’ve got three ways to do it. 1. CREATE A CHRISTMAS LOGO Even an occasional Google user has seen that they change their logo to match the season. Screenshot of a Google Christmas doodle You can do the same thing! It’s easy — just hire someone on Fiverr to recreate your logo with Christmas or general holiday elements like:

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