Screenshot showing pinterest secret boards Now, anything you pin to these secret boards will. Be automatically pinned (and repinned) to the group board of the Betting Email List corresponding name. [STEP #7] MONITOR THE RESULTS (AND ADD MORE CONTENT TO YOUR Betting Email List “SECRET BOARDS”). Once you’ve set everything up and let it run for 3-4 weeks, you should have a Betting Email List good idea of which boards are performing best. BoardBooster will show you stats for all of your pins on that board: Screenshot showing pinterest

How to Build and Maintain a

Posts This board is my best, Betting Email List with an average of 10-12 repins (shown in the far-right column) for everything I post. However, some boards I posted to had no repins. Those boards are just wasting my free credits with BoardBooster, so I drop them completely. Side Betting Email List Note: I looked at these reports the first few weeks after setting this up to make sure I was only posting to Betting Email List high-quality boards, then haven’t looked at this since. Beyond that, keep creating great content and adding it to your secret boards to keep things fresh

Email Marketing Several Ways to Use

and running like a well-oiled Betting Email List machine! WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED. Traffic from Pinterest is some of the highest-converting traffic you can find—even if you’re driving most of your traffic to content, not directly to your products. Here is breakdown of my stats Betting Email List following this strategy… Traffic to website: 12,814 Conversions to sales: 7% Sales made: $18,000 Once Betting Email List you establish this system on your website, you can almost set it and forget it. You’ll drive thousands of visitors (and sales) with minimal effort.

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