Here’s an example by Gap – notice how they’re offering a 20% discount in exchange for a survey. Screenhot showing an email sent by Gap Ask information relevant to Bulgaria Email List your business. Test and analyze your emails. When do they get opened the most? What copy works Bulgaria Email List better? A/B test things and see what works best. The guys at GrooveHQ decided to get to know their Bulgaria Email List customers better, and they emailed every customer asking to talk. Their CEO’s inbox shows just how effective this is (image courtesy of GrooveHQ blog. Screenshot showing a gmail inbox Once you have more data, use the information in this article to understand your

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Customers better, and start personalizing your marketing by segmenting your audience based on their behavior. If you’re an ecommerce store selling coffee, Bulgaria Email List like in the example above, calculate when your customer is going to need their next bag. How do you do this? Again, you ask. Offer to talk to a customer on the phone in exchange for a free bag of coffee. People love companies that engage with their customers in this way, as you saw above. Personalization is awesome! Once you know when your customers will need their next fix, send a reminder ahead of time.

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You can do this with other businesses. Are you a restaurant that offers takeout or delivery? Send your customers a text in the evening and offer them something (an appetizer, x dollars off, etc) if they place an order in the next 15 minutes. Do you run a clothing store. Chances are they’re already thinking of visiting you again — close the sale by taking initiative. RUN PROMOTIONS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS If you have an ecommerce store selling custom coffee mugs, offer limited-stock

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