If you’re only sending one email on Black Friday, you’re missing out on sales. People get a RIDICULOUS amount of emails on Black Friday weekend (and the weeks before and after and pretty much every day, period). That means it’s easy to miss your emails. To remedy that, I recommend sending at least 2-3 emails on the day of Black Friday (based on the success of store owners I’ve worked with in the past). Here’s how I would do it: Email #1: An announcement of the sale. Email #2: Reminder or pushing a specific sale. Email #3: Final reminder an hour or two before your sales end.

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More than that, you should be sending teaser emails leading up to the big day. For example, you might send something like this… Subject: Black Friday Sales Are Coming! Here’s What to Expect Hey, [name]. Are you as excited as we are for Black Friday? To greenland email eating turkey, we’re running our biggest sale yet. Starting at midnight Thanksgiving day, we’re opening up 40% OFF our hottest products! Keep in mind that stock is limited and it’s. On a first-come, first-served basis! Don’t want to miss out?

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Until then, wishing greenland email you a happy dinner with friends & family! Cheers, [Name] This accomplishes a few things. First, you’re revealing what your sales will be and getting your customers excited. Second, you’re planting seeds of scarcity to get people to buy ASAP. Finally, you’re creating a small army of soon-to-be customers with a Black Friday-specific email list. Now to the next mistake! 2. greenland email Did you know that on 2017’s Black Friday, 47.4% of retail website visits and 33.1% of online revenue happened on a mobile device?[*] If your emails (and your website) aren’t mobile-optimized, you’re — you guessed it — missing out on potential sales.

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