There are two types of product descriptions for ecommerce businesses. Product descriptions that tell and product descriptions that sell. More importantly, which UAE Phone Number List one would your website visitors want to see. A great product description has the power to turn a casual UAE Phone Number List shopper into a revenue-generating buyer. Yet too many online stores simply tell shoppers about the product rather than UAE Phone Number List selling it to them. There’s a big difference! Today, I’m going to show you ten superb examples of ecommerce websites with product descriptions that sell and how you can replicate their success over and over again.

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1 Everlane [Fashion & Accessories] 2 UAE Phone Number List Patagonia [Outdoor Gear] 3 DeWalt [Hardware. Tools, & Accessories] 4 AppSumo [Online Courses] 5 Dollar Shave Club [Beauty & Grooming]. 6 Subaru [Autos, a.k.a. Big-Ticket Items] 7 Shopify [Software as a Service/SaaS] UAE Phone Number List 8 Google Home [Home Electronics] 9 Wayfair. [Furniture & Home Goods] 10 Malicious Women UAE Phone Number List Candle Co. [Candles] In an attempt to provide actionable advice for as many businesses as possible. I pulled examples of product descriptions from a variety of ecommerce verticals. We can all learn from each other, right? Now, let’s dive in.

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EVERLANE [FASHION & UAE Phone Number List ACCESSORIES] Everlane sells high-end, eco-conscious fashion and accessories for men and women. Their product descriptions match their style: sassy, yet classy. Here’s a look at The Day Heel that retails for $145 online:[*] UAE Phone Number List Screenshot showing copy for a product What I love about Everlane and the way they approach describing this UAE Phone Number List heel (and other products) is that they speak in the language of their customers. Using phrases like “All. Damn. Day.” and “take your usual size” makes shoppers feel as if they were talking to their friends, not a business.

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