Screenshot showing campaign settings page on youtube ads dashboard You will then. Choose the specific products to feature in the Google Shopping area, or you Algeria WhatsApp Number List can let Google decide with the None – use all products option. In most cases, I recommend you pick the products. Screenshot showing settings on the youtube ad dashboard Or. You might want to use the extra ad space for a discount offer or for a general reminder rather than featuring specific products. In this instance you would select the campaign subtype of TrueView for Action so that you are creating a companion banner rather than displaying Google Shopping Ads.

Is Email Marketing Still Effective

See the BOOM ad below as an example of this ad format. Screenshot showing a section on a youtube video page Boom will then send the traffic from the ad to a pre-sell page like this. The results for Boom using YouTube TrueView for Shopping ads have been stellar. While the Boom team targets a CPA of $15 or less for remarketing efforts, YouTube consistently operates in the $5 to $10 CPA range. Screenshot showing conversion stats for youtube ads  Who’s the most likely group of people to buy your products? Your current customers.

Importance Of Building Your Email

Selling more to your existing customers is always easier and cheaper than trying to sell to new customers. Now that you are recovering more cart abandoners, it’s time to look to sell more to existing customers. We’re going to build this list of converters in Google Analytics like we did with the cart abandoner lists. Again, go to Google Analytics. In the Admin view, select Audience Definitions > Audiences, then select New Audience. In Audience definition, select Users who completed a transaction. Screenshot showing audience info on youtube ads dashboard Consider your repurchase cycles when you build these lists.

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