Let’s face it, email marketing has been around for a while. 50 years to be exact. Which, as far as the rate of change of the Internet is concerned, makes email something of an ancient artifact. But is email marketing dead? Of course not! Email has truly defied the odds of the Internet. Outlast countless other digital communication platforms – we’re talking MSN Messenger, MySpace and Bebo – and has remained the most widely accessible form of online communication in the world.

In fact, we’re all a little crazy about emails. Colombia Phone Number sending of over 102.6 trillion emails each year. Yes, a trillion. With 3.9 billion people using email in every country in the world and 99% of people checking their email every day, it’s fair to say that it’s a popular method of communication.

It’s a Generational Thing

Chances are, that’s probably not the picture of a young, hip, tech-savvy millennial, is it? For many people, email marketing is often associated with an older audience who may not be well versed in the art of social media. Well, it turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth! Millennials are, in fact, the most active email users in the world. 98% of millennials admit to checking their inbox every few hours throughout the day. So whether they’re on the go, eating, working,

Give People What They Want

Email Database

People want choice. They want to choose what they see and when they see it, and email marketing gives them the ability to do just that! We have all been there. You mentioned a product to a casual friend and the next thing you know is EVERYTHING on your newsfeed. You can’t escape the thing. Well, it looks like your consumers don’t like this approach to marketing. Instead, 77% of people prefer to be marketed through email as a permission-based form of advertising. They appreciate the fact that they have chosen to be marketed by your brand and not see your products or services forced into their day via social media

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