Are you using YouTube to host and distribute your videos? Then one of the main ways you’ll want to drive views is through search. Not just search within YouTube itself, but Google search as well. Israel Phone Number In this post, we’ll go over the five core YouTube metrics you should be looking at on a regular basis to understand and measure how your videos perform when it comes to driving organic search traffic on both platforms. Israel Phone Numbers Note that this is not an overview of how to measure YouTube marketing more broadly. For that, check out our post on how to use analytics to optimize your video.

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YouTube metrics most important for tracking and optimizing traffic to your YouTube videos. From both Google and YouTube search. Metrics that you can all find in YouTube Analytics. Israel Phone Number Metric Views from YouTube search An example of YouTube metrics: a graph showing views from YouTube search A graph showing views acquired from YouTube search The first metric that you should look at is the Israel Phone Number number of views acquired from YouTube Search. This data is available via the Traffic sources report in YouTube Analytics.

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Israel Phone Number

Marked as a source distinct from other YouTube discovery methods. This data shows you how many people find your videos via search within the YouTube platform (i.e. website, apps & integrations). Israel Phone Number It does not include traffic from Google search or other search engines. Views from YouTube search is really your headline metric for YouTube SEO (although not Video SEO, more broadly conceived). Israel Phone Number When this metric goes up, this tells you more people are discovering and watching your videos through YouTube search. Metric.

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