Or imagine in our case – what a person is looking for in life, one of the best indicators is age. Young people seek and long for enjoyment, socialization, leisure. They are also more likely to spend on recreational items such as video game consoles, travel, electronic gadgets, among others. People who are already in the range between 30 and 50 years of age are people who are. In theory – established: they have had jobs or trades for years, they have a home. Rented or their own – they have families or are forming etc. This type of consumer is more careful. They are not so prone to compulsive purchases and they usually consider. That their money is divided into expenses to support their way of life. Their families if they have them – investments to continue producing money or to maintain their profitable businesses and finally: quality of life.

Luxury or not – second homes, family trips to the beach or any other tourist destination – generally in season, because we must remember that our consumer of this age is an active member of society who works daily – and other types of appliances that facilitate daily chores. ‘Attack’ the heart of your Buyer person In general, this buyer person is looking for stability and ease, because they already have the train of their life rolling and they want it to stay that way. Finally, if we divide these aspirations roughly and according to age, we find the group of grandparents. Retirees , will or by law, are a group with completely different aspirations than the previous two. They tend to spend more money on travel and culture, on daytime entertainment. On cruises and on other types of activities with low.

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Part of your purchasing power is also destined to Bosnia and Herzegovina phone number the whims or needs of your family members. Who are part of the first two groups. What do you do for fun? What music do you listen to? Although we partially have the answer to these questions in several of the assumptions that we have already been handling, it is important that we hone in on it. All three questions, combined, form part of what is often called the VALS classification. This system is largely based on the work of Maslow and his famous pyramid and what it provides is a mechanism to instruct, to methodologize , the classification of people according to how they address their basic and social needs. What do you think your typical consumer does for fun?

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Do you see him going out for drinks? Do you see him avoiding going out all year to go on a mega vacation to the Bahamas? Are you a commuter who goes out on his motorcycle every weekend in search of adventure? Or on the contrary, do you feel more comfortable playing a soccer game with your friends from the club and then finishing off the job in the bar you’ve always enjoyed? Being able to understand what you spend your free time on is key to being able to understand how many resources and time you spend and how many resources and time you have. You are probably wondering why we add eating habits , and it is because they are extremely revealing: a person who eats a variety is a person who buys a variety.

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Can you imagine your client eating sushi one day, hamburgers the other, paella on Thursday and tapas on Friday? Or on the contrary, we consider it more “traditional” in the form of “tortilla skewer from Monday to Friday” and period. Completing this detail will help you define, for example, the tone of your marketing campaigns. If the profile of your potential client is cosmopolitan and diverse, making more daring and varied marketing campaigns is key to keeping their attention, if the profile of your client is more traditional , the campaigns should be the same: the same style, with clear messages that underpin their confidence and with well-polished images and that are as least controversial as possible. The same thing happens with music as with food and both indicators are, to a certain degree, interchangeable.

What we are looking for is a reference that tells us if the person we consider to be the buyer of our products, is capable of dealing with changes or if, on the contrary, is a person who prefers stability. What kind of problems do you have at work or in your life? This section is very fun to create and also extremely useful for our sales texts. Are you capable of thinking about that person that we have been building for you? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine José María, Carmen or Tony and put yourself in their shoes for a moment. You return from work, or from university, or you are a retiree who comes from bingo with friends. What problem could I have? What kinds of discussions.


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