Previously we introduced the pet bottle (pet). Which ranks first in the recycling volume, as well as our good friends of pe and pp. This time. The “Recycling green news will continue to show you the identification code of plastic material Senegal Phone Number recycling. The other three numbers are: These three types of plastic materials account for a relatively low proportion of plastic container recycling, accounting for about 3~4% of the total.

According to the statistics of the environmental

protection agency in. The plastic container recycling volume totaled 185,881 metric tons, of which the pvc (no. 3) recycling volume was 191 metric tons, ps (no. 6) recycling volume was 5,477 metric tons, and other (no. 7) recycling volume was 606 metric tons. The three categories together accounted for only about 3% of the plastic container recycling volume. Although the ratio does not seem to be high, the converted weight is still very amazing.

In addition, compared to common beverage

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containers such as pet bottles and milk bottles, the general public has less knowledge about these three types of plastic products. For example, water pipes. Styrofoam, cups and plates are actually recyclable. Plastic products. Next time you can carefully observe whether these items have plastic recycling identification codes!

Among them, pla is very special. Pla is made from starch extracted from plants such as corn, beet, wheat, and sweet potato. After fermentation, dewatering and polymerization, it is made into bioplastic. Commonly used in cold drink cups, fresh boxes, etc. After recycling, it can be remanufactured into bioplastic re-products such as nursery cups, flower pots, and cup holders.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that the recycling identification code is set up to help people classify and assist recycling operators in their work flow. If the public wants to know about the safety and heat resistance of plastic containers, they can go to the ministry of health and welfare’s ” plastic food container promotion website ” to inquire. See you in our next issue of recycling green news!

Reference material: ” plastic material recycling identification code ” by the foundation management committee of the environmental protection department

Because of its good plasticity and low price, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is often used in non-food applications, such as water pipes, raincoats, school bags, building materials, plastic films, plastic boxes, etc. After PVC is recycled, it can be injection molded and made into plastic floor mats, water pipes, etc.

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