Artistic intervention in the field of photography if something like this did not also happen in the rest of municipal cultural interventions. It is therefore a problem of a more general treatment and not exclusively of positioning in relation to photography. The preceding remarks express a rather pessimistic view. But it is a fact that my memories as I mentioned above do not have much positive to bring me. I will briefly mention some of my personal experiences so that the above theoretical approach acquires a practical side.

The wastebasket as I know they will lack interest

Lamia and elsewhere and if we exclude the Photo Retouching times when I was an envoy of the General Secretariat of Popular Education all the others I was a guest of local photography groups who had brought me at their own expense. Years ago I was a member of the art committee of the Municipality of Athens together with notable colleagues and we all tried to upgrade the level of the Municipality’s exhibition spaces with options that would highlight a high quality and a different level.

 Photo Retouching

The Municipality’s exhibition spaces

It should be noted that we have tacitly stopped SG Phone List meeting and I was never notified of a break. Out through these exhibition spaces with the result that at least when. I receive almost daily invitations to the halls of the Municipality of Athens. I direct them to the wastebasket as I know they will lack interest. In one of my many teaching visits I met in a remote. Greek city an excellent educated and talented young man and when. I recommended that he be used as a trainer I received the answer from.

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