Views from Google search An example of YouTube metrics: a graph showing views from Google search A graph showing views acquired from Google search This data is also available via the Traffic Sources report in YouTube Analytics, but within the “External” category. Jamaica Phone Number  Here you can see “Google Search” as a source alongside other websites where your videos are embedded or linked to Jamaica Phone Numbers  Views from Google Search tell you how many people have reached your videos on or the YouTube app through universal Google search or Google video search.

It Includes Users That Jamaica Phone Number

Watched videos on your website and arrived at your website via Google search. These are captured and referenced as other “External” sources. This metric is extremely useful if you trying to Jamaica Phone Number and optimize your YouTube channel for visibility on Google search. Particularly by ranking for unbranded informational keywords. You’ll typically find that this graph may show a spike if a new video starts to Jamaica Phone Number  rank in a video pack within Google universal search for a high-volume keyword. So this is a useful indicator of whether or not your videos are appearing frequently within those rich results packs.

Are You Seeing a Significant Jamaica Phone Number

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The number of views on your channel coming from Google search, but very few from YouTube search? This is a good clue that you might be better off moving your videos to a different platform. Jamaica Phone Number Especially if you have a website with good authority and reputation. That way you can drive traffic exclusively to your website, rather than pushing everything by default to YouTube. My post on YouTube vs your own site: which is better for SEO? Jamaica Phone Number can help you decide whether this is the right course of action for you. Metric 3: Average percentage viewed An example of YouTube metrics.

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