Whatever success is for your business, define it before you get started. STEP 2: FIND AWESOME PRIZES Without prizes, you don’t have a giveaway. But if you want to run a successful viral giveaway, you can’t just give away generic prizes. “Win an iPhone X” “Win $100 in Amazon vouchers” These are seemingly great prizes. I mean, who wouldn’t want a brand-new iPhone or $100 to spend on Amazon. But here lies the exact problem many people run into with giveaways: Generic prizes don’t generate real business results. Let me explain. If you give away generic prizes, you’re getting people who aren’t in your niche or even interested in your product.

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These are the kind of people who will unsubscribe from your list, or just ignore your messages, once the giveaway is over. With a giveaway, you don’t want to mobile number list excite everyone with your prizes; you want stuff that appeals precisely to your niche. For example: Mickey Visit, a  mobile number list  site to help plan Disneyland vacations, offered a Sully popcorn bucket and 1,509 people entered. Eli Constant Books offered a mobile number list Walking Dead Super Fan Giveaway and more than 1,000 people entered. Screenshot showing a walking dead giveaway Weathered Signs offered three handmade wooden signs and generated 194 signups.

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Screenshot showing header for a sweepstakes Three Ways To Find Prizes For Your Giveaway: 1. Buy something This one is obvious, but it’s also one of the easiest, least time-consuming ways to get a prize for your giveaway. And, truth be told, you don’t have to part with much cash to find a prize that will excite your niche. For example, Noah once generated 6,411 contestants from a Seth Godin book giveaway. That cost under $100!  Noah’s audience is interested in business and marketing.

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