Liao and Chanyuan Alliance. The problem is that these plots happened intact in the early days of the. Han and Tang dynasties. Modun created the largest territory of the Huns in the history of East Asia when the Han people were still caught in the civil war at the end of the Qin Dynasty. In terms of the international situation at that time. The Xiongnu led by Modun Chanyu was an existing power, and the newly established Han Dynasty was a new challenger.

After the founding of the Han Dynasty Kuwait Phone Number

In 201 BC, Liu Bang, the emperor Kuwait Phone Number of the Han Dynasty. Personally led an army to expedition the Xiongnu to the north. But fell into the encirclement pocket of the Xiongnu army . After this setback. Liu Bang accepted the suggestion of Lou Jing (Liu Jing), the minister of the Lord Peace faction, and initiated the Western Han policy of “harmony” towards the Xiongnu. In 192 BC, shortly after Liu Bang’s death, the Book of Han records that Maodun Shanyu sent envoys to follow the steppe nation’s “acceptance and succession marriage system” culture, implying that Liu Bang’s widow Lu Zhi would marry him.

The Xiongnu Modun Shanyu asked Lu Zhi Kuwait Phone Number

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The actual ruler of the Han Dynasty at that time, to marry him according to the culture of the Xiongnu. Of course. It was a great shame for the Han Dynasty at that time, and it even implied that the Xiongnu had an attempt to annex the Han Dynasty. However, after discussing with the ministers. Lu Zhi accepted Ji Bu’s point of view and admitted that the national strength of the Han Dynasty at that time was not enough to break out a comprehensive decisive battle with the Xiongnu. Hence the response Retiring from the sun. Getting old and stagnant, losing hair, and walking erratically.

Just listening too much is not enough to defile oneself. Lu Zhi used servile remarks such as “because he is old, he is not worthy of Modun Chanyu”, and then continued to use the pro-pro policy to delay time, avoiding the “Thucydides trap” in the early Han Dynasty. As for the early Tang Dynasty, history textbooks love to mention that Li Jing wiped out the Eastern Turks in AD 629. However, the Eastern Turks attacked the gate of Chang’an twice in AD 624 and 626. In AD 624, Li Yuan, the emperor of Tang Dynasty, even deliberately set fire to Chang’an himself, and moved the capital to Xiangyang and Fancheng in Hubei to avoid the offensive of the Turks.

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