Large base and low-density residential design. With three-sided lighting and large windows to purify the body and mind. The post-epidemic era pays attention to the way of health preservation. Fengyi Oxen is a rare and precious environment for elite health preservation. Adhering to Fengyi’s consistent Qianping base planning. We seize the rare large base in Dalinkou District. Reserve green belt space for residents. introduce sunlight, air, water, flowers and greenery into the community.

Create a natural and comfortable natural scenery

In addition, in terms of design, three-sided lighting South Africa Phone Number bathroom windows are used to introduce natural sunlight and fresh oxygen into the interior, creating the best golden pattern for natural epidemic prevention. Sitting on a base of about pings, Fengyi Oxygen is a large-area low-rise building plan.Tthe shortest distance between the two buildings with floors above ground and floors underground. It has the advantages of three facing roads and wide distance between buildings, which is an indicator of higher floors and pure residential buildings nearby. The total price falls between 11 million and 20 million.

For Fengyi, the ideal of the construction business is to build a good product in the best environment, so that it can raise the architectural level of the city and simultaneously improve the quality of life. The land selection philosophy of Fengyi Construction has always been locked in the potential areas under development, that is, the land that has relatively complete living functions and still retains the construction vision. And this insistence has been thoroughly practiced in Fengyi Oxen’s new case. Combining the four major advantages of business district, industry, green space and transportation.

Safety is the foundation of construction

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After laying the foundation, Fengyi cares about the physical and spiritual growth of the residents. I hope that the residents will feel the warmth of home.

In addition, Fengyi’s construction business has also expanded into hotel management. Department store brands, such as the first five-star. Fengyi Sheraton Hotel in Hsinchu. Taichung Fengyi Fengjia Business Hotel La Vida, Marriott Hotel’s trendy hotel Moxy Hotel. Fengyi department store brand FUNLIFE Feng Life Shopping Center. are among the top honors of Fengyi Construction.

Planted in the Chang Gung life circle. bound to strengthen the all-round life goal of the Fengyi brand, benefit the local community and residents. Build a better life together with the locals through the rare masterpiece Fengyi Oxygen Forest.

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